Friday, January 14, 2011

Faith of my Fathers and Mothers

Well, I'm back again. Ready to begin this story. History is a domino fall of events. My brother was at the shopping center in Tucson, Arizona this passed weekend where six people died and a dozen more were gravely wounded. Mere minutes if not seconds saved his life. The decision to not stand in line to meet the congresswoman, certainly did. Even our family stories often turn on fateful decisions. In American history, they often stand on decisions of determined faith. With that I will begin my ramblings through my family's faith stories.

Faith of my fathers and mothers.
A genealogical look at my godly (and sometimes godless) ancestors.

An evangelist’s son recently wrote a book about his parents and this childhood – of being raised in a Christian household. I haven’t read the book and don’t remember the evangelist’s name but just reading a review got me to thinking about the faith of my father and mother and grandparents and all the greats before them. I come from a long line of faithful Christian as well as some non-believers or variations thereof. I am also an amateur genealogist and have considered writing my family history down for years. However, after 25 or more years of research, I have several volumes of paperwork and it would take me another 25 or more years just to get it written into book form. I have done a photo album of my Mendoza line and a small report on my Buor and Conrad line as well as a rough sketch of my son’s Lazzaro grandfather’s line. So instead of starting with another “line” I decided to start with a common attribute – faith – to write my family’s story.

To be continued....

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  1. Candace, I think its awesome that you can look back at a family of faith. I've often wished I had that. What a legacy. I've heard stories about my great-grandmother and my mother says my faith reminds me of her. She died just before I was born. I wish I'd have known her.