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Line 13.7, Sarah Dyer Chubb; Pioneer Woman

Sarah was an American pioneer woman. She was born in the wilderness of Eastern New York and followed her family to the Michigan Territory, Ohio, Illinois and finally to the prairies of Kansas where she is buried. She married Joel Chubb who was more then likely had a Methodist leaning to his Christianity. They raised children who clearly demonstrated a love of God. Sarah probably became a Methodist when she married Joel but she certainly brought a Baptist and Quaker quality to the Methodist leaning of her Chubb husband.

Sarah Dyer daughter of James Dyer and his wife, was born 27 December 1726 probably in New York
Sarah Dyer married Joel Chubb on 18 November 1831 in Geouga County, Ohio. 
Sarah died 30 June 1893 in Baxter Springs, Cherokee, Kansas
Sarah and Joel Chubb had the following known children:
1.      Claret Ann Chubb born 28 September 1833 in Black River twp., Lorain, Ohio. She married Addison Jason Depuy. She died 28 May 1912 in Girard, Kansas.
2.      Philea Jane Chubb born 11 December 1834 in Sheffield, Lorraine, Ohio. She married Abiel Samuel Denison. She died in February 1920 in Baxter Springs, Cherokee, KS,
3.      James Harvey Chubb born 18 October 1836 Black River twp., Lorain, Ohio. He married Martha Braman. James died 31 July 1911 in Baxter Springs, Cherokee, KS,
4.       Horace Wheeler Chubb born 22 January 1840 in Black River twp., Lorain, Ohio. He married Rebecca Garritson. He died 23 May 1912 in Neutral, Cherokee Co, Kansas.
5.       Joseph Watson Chubb born 25 May 1842 in Black River twp., Lorain, Ohio. He married Ellen Slusser. Joseph died 18 June 1897 in Joplin, Jasper, Missouri.
6.      Rolla Alonzo Chubb born 01 October 1843 in Argyle, Winnebago, IL. He married a woman named Mary who died about 1874. Rolla died 04 June 1922.
7.      Darius Sylvester (Dye) Chubb born 26 December 1847 in Argyle, Winnebago, IL. He married 1. Anna Sherrod and 2. Millie C. Livingston. “Uncle Dye” died 03 February 1943 in Baxter Springs, Cherokee, KS,
8.      Prosper Joel (Prosser) Chubb born 03 September 1851 in Argyle, Winnebago, IL. He married Hattie Johnson. He died 14 March 1922 in Baxter Springs, Cherokee, Kansas.

Sarah Dyer Chubb probably got on the Methodist wagon when she married Joel Chubb. We can speculate that she was raised Baptist and gave a Baptist lean to her Christian beliefs. We can’t know at this point, but some of her lines did return to the Baptist denomination.

As noted in the story about her father, James Dyer, there is no recorded proof that Sarah Dyer Chubb was the daughter of James Dyer of Rockford, Illinois but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence. I strongly believe that Sarah Chubb’s eldest son, James Harvey Chubb, was named for his two grandfathers. While I have very little proof, I feel that Harvey Chubb of New York and Michigan, son of Alexander Chubb, may well have been Sarah’s father-in-law. James Harvey Chubb had a son named Joel Anson Chubb, who was named for his two grandfathers.

A marriage record was found for Sarah or Sally Dyer and Joel Chubb in Geauga County, Ohio. It reads: “The State of Ohio Geauga County; I certify that I solemnized the Marriage contract to the parties Joel Chubb and Sally Dyer on the eighteenth day of Nov. A.D. 1832.” They are next found living near James Dyer in the 1850 Hawlowe, Winnebago co. US Census. Sarah is listed as   “ Sarah CHUBB, age 42, female, born “ She is listed with Joel Chubb and seven children. In the 1860, Rockford, Winnebago Co., IL, page 302, she is listed as “Sarah CHUBEL, age 53, F, born NY” again is Joel Chub (written Chubel) as “Joel CHUBLE, age 53, Male, worth 100 personal estate, born NY State” and listed with children Darius, Philena and Prosser Chuble and Claret Depus and her two children Emma and Charles DEPUS.

From an old newspaper article, we know that Joel Chubb was severely injured in an election celebration. A family legend says he died in a Fourth of July accident. Other later newspaper have been searched by no mention of his “death” can be found. We do know that by the 1870 census, Sarah was listed with her son James Chubb as head of household in Washington County, Illinois.

Sarah was listed with another son, Rolla A. Chubb in the 1880, Hoyleton, Washington Co., IL, US Census. She was age 71, born in New York of parents born there. A few years after this census was taken, Sarah, the pioneer woman, got into her wagon train and went to Cherokee County, Kansas. She probably went with one or more of her sons, as most of them were in Cherokee County by the 1890s. Her son, Darius, was there by the early 1980s. Unfortunately, most of the 1990 US Census was destroyed in a fire.

 An obituary for Sarah was found in a Cherokee County newspaper: “Obituary: Columbus Courier, 6 July 1893. DIED--On   Friday, June 30, 1893, SARAH CHUBB, mother of Mrs. Dennison and J. H.   Chubb and brothers, age eighty-four years, seven months and five days.” A Black bordered funeral notice recorded the following information:  Sara Dyer Chubb's . . . black bordered funeral notice had these words - 'Died, on Friday June 30, 1893 SARAH CHUBB mother of Mrs. A. B. Denison and J. H. Chubb and brothers, aged eighty-four years, seven months, and five days. Funeral services at the residence of J.  H. Chubb, Sunday July 2, 12:10 o'clock am. Friends of the family are invited.'"  The Funeral Directors, 1893, wrote "Remains of Sarah Chubb by order of Chubb Bros., died June 30, buried July 2; casket $45.00.

Sarah’s Christian leanings are not documented. Cousins of mine have found the family Bible of her son, James Harvey Chubb whose grandson became the pastor of one of the largest Methodist church in the world during the middle part of the Twentieth Century. There have been Methodist pastors and circuit riders in the Chubb line for over two centuries. I feel that Sarah of Quaker and Baptist background, joined the Methodists when she married Joel Chubb. More discussion on the Methodist will be done when I discuss my Chubb line.

Sarah was buried in the Baxter Springs Cemetery where her tombstone reads:  “ Sarah Dyer, wife of Joel Chubb, 1808-1893" Many other Chubb family members have been buried in this century old cemetery.

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