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Line 11.1 Anne Hutchinson Dyer; A legacy of friendship

The second Anne Hutchinson in my genealogy was born with the name of Hutchinson. She was the granddaughter of Anne Marbury Hutchinson and daughter of Edward Hutchinson. Although she didn’t leave the historical mark her grandmother did and little is known of her, she is important to my line and to the faith stories of my ancestors. She married the son of Mary Barrett Dyer and thus joined together two families that were already bound by history and loyal friendship.

Anne Hutchinson, daughter of Edward Hutchinson and his wife Catherine Hamby, was born 17 November 1643, in Boston, Massachusetts.
She married Samuel Dyer, son of William Dyer and his wife Mary Barrett, before 1675 and probably in Boston.
Anne married second David Vernon who was born 01 September 1643 probably in London, England and died 28 October 1715 in Newport, Rhode Island
She died 1717 in Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island
Anne and Samuel Dyer had the following children:
1.   William Dyer born 07 March 1662/63 in Boston, Suffolk, MA and died 22 July 1738 in Truro, Barnstable, MA. He married Mary Taylor the daughter of Henry Taylor and his wife Lydia Hatch
2.   Samuel Dyer born about 1665 in Boston, Suffolk, MA and died 15 July 1724 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island. He married Mary Cotta
3.   Nathaniel Dyer born 1667 in Boston, Suffolk, MA and died 21 April 1729 1724 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island. He married Elizabeth Parrott.
4.   Edward Dyer born 1670 in Boston, Suffolk, MA and died 1724 in North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island. He married Mary Green as born 8 Jan 1677. She was the daughter of William Greene and Mary Sayles who was the was the daughter of Mary Williams who was the daughter of Roger Williams, who came to Rhode Island as the same time as William and Mary Dyer, Edward’s grandparents. Mary Sayles married 2. the Rev. John Holms.
5.   Elisha Dyer born 1672 in Boston, Suffolk, MA and died after 1744 in North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island. He married
6.   Anne Dyer born 1673 in Boston, Suffolk, MA and died 1717 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island. She married Carew Clarke, the son of Joseph Carew.
7.   Henry Dyer born 1774 in Boston, Suffolk, MA 1724 and died after 1740 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island. He married Mary Rice.
8.   Barrett Dyer born 1678 in Boston, Suffolk, MA and died there 07 December 1753. He married Hannah Steward.
Anne and her second husband, David Vernon had:
9.      Daniel Vernon born 1682 in Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island and probably died young.
10.  Samuel Vernon born 06 December 1683 in Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island. He died 05 December 1737 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island. He married Elizabeth Fleet
11.  Catherine Vernon born 03 October 1686 in Kingstown, Rhode Island and died March 1769.

Church records in Boston, Massachusetts record Anne Hutchinson’s birth and baptism as an infant. “Anne dau. of Edward and Katherine Hutchinson born 18th 9th month”  “Anne dau. of Edward Hutchinson, the younger, aged about 2 days, bap. 9 day 9 mo.” Edward is called the younger, as his Uncle Edward Hutchinson, also lived in Boston.

Anne was named in her father's will: In his will of 17 July 1675, Edward Hutchinson included a bequest to 'my daughter Anne Dyer' "...I give unto my daughter Anne Dyer whom I have already given her portion in land, what bedding or other household stuffe I have at Narragansett as also one Maire ther sud as she shall choose.”

Anne became a Quaker. She married the son of Mary Dyer [See Barret Line 12] the Quaker Martyr and her husband William Dyer. The younger Dyer couple ended up back in Newport, Rhode Island where both Anne, her first husband Samuel Dyer and her second husband, David Vernon, were all buried. Anne and Samuel Dyer were both born in Boston and probably returned to the more tolerant Rhode Island at the time that Samuel’s mother became a martyr. However even in Rhode Island the family faced some persecution for their faith. [See Samuel Dyer, Dyer Line 6] Little is known about Anne’s second husband, David Vernon, but it is highly likely that he too was a Quaker.

Anne died at Newport, R.I., 10 Jan. 1716/7, and buried there with her second husband and two Vernon children, in a narrow plot surrounded by cypress trees. She lived a good long life dieing at the age of 74 and leaving a will that was proved 1 June 1717. She named her sons, Samuel, Elisha, Henry and Barrett Dyer and daughter, Catherine Vernon. Court records show that her son Edward Dyer and daughter Anne Dyer, wife of Cary Clark, were probably left out the will because they had already received valuable gifts from her before her death.

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  1. Anne hutchinson is my 17th great grandmother. I have gotten some of my genealogy done. Just thought this was cool.